Sunshine Health Management

After working in the healthcare system for the last 20 years, Dr. Sun knows how difficult it is for a patient to manage their care, especially when it involves multiple providers, and healthcare specialists. As a result, Dr. Sun created Sunshine Health Management program. Our program supports our patients, so they can focus on achieving their personal, family, and corporate goals.

Our Values

Prioritizing whole-body health care, so our patients can get better, faster, and stay healthier, for longer.

Team oriented healthcare, because doctors work better together.

Clear and proactive communication with our patients via text, phone, and most importantly, face to face.

Our Program Includes

A comprehensive medical examination and neurology examination once a year by Dr. Sun.

Comprehensive team examinations once a year with at least five doctors in other specialties, such as internal medicine, dermatology, cardiology, OBGYN, and others.

Generating a health maintenance program for the client. This includes at-home self-care like diet, exercise, and health supplement recommendations.

Coordination of any medical care with other physicians during the entire contract term.

In-depth discussions regarding health-related issues.

Direct email, text and telephone access.*

Providing a summary and evaluation of the client’s overall medical condition at year’s end.

Patient Testimonials

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